No connection with klipper

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Creality Ender 3v2
MCU / Printerboard:basic ender board (13.6 KB)

after starting the server, information about the lack of connection with the klipper is displayed

klippy.log (17.4 KB)

Was the printer running before? The more information you share, the easier is finding a solution.
What did yo do with the printer, before this message was displayed?

The printer has not yet been used with klipper

Post the klippy.log as initially required.

I’ve posted klippy logs

Are you running Klipper on a notebook? Under what OS exactly?
What guide did you follow to install Klipper, Moonraker, etc?

The Klipper ecosystem is not working properly and Klipper can’t connect to your MCU as the serial seems to be wrong.

ubuntu, use kiauh

does the operating system matter?

As your setup is not running everything can cause that issue.
On what platform is Klipper running? The mentioned i5-4300U suggests a mobile platform.
I’m not a Linux expert but maybe there are missing rights for the involved components here.

Yes it does. Especially, Ubuntu desktop versions tend to have some quirks that spoil Klipper.
Your error is not related Moonraker but Klipper itself and can have multiple reasons (the OS being one of them). See Issues flashing the printer board

I will try it on Ubuntu server

This error may be due to incorrect CPU model selection in make menuconfig?

Yes, incorrect settings during make menuconfig might be causing this as well. Again, one reason among quite a few. See the link above.

write f303 on the board’s processor and there is no such choice in makeconfig

GD32F303 uses the STM32F103 settings. What is the complete marking on the board? Creality v…

creality v4.2.2

Yes, this is known to have a GDF303 chip. The correct settings are:

  • STM32F103
  • 28KiB bootloader
  • Serial on USART1 PA10/PA9
  • Make sure to rename klipper.bin to firmware123.bin, where 123 is changed whenever you flash

that’s exactly what I did before

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