No trigger on probe after full movement Vyper

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Hello everyone,

As a 3D printing newbie, I bought an Anycubic Vyper from a colleague who had already been using Klipper. So, I got myself a Raspberry Pi 3B and installed Klipper, which went smoothly. However, I’m now stuck at the heightmap calibration stage. Right after the first touch of the bed, I receive the error message “No trigger on probe after full movement.” I’ve tried several values for position_min on the Z-axis, and currently, I’m at -5. Using a sheet of paper, I’ve measured it to be -4.4. No matter what I try, I keep encountering this error. Can anyone help me out? I haven’t found anything in the forum that assists me with this.

Hi Missingno02,

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Good luck with your issue, hcet14

thanks for the advise. But i allready looked through all the matches i found. And didnt found an solurion for my problem. Maybee i dont understand everything that was said in the ralated discussions.
Thats why i opened this discussion

See No trigger on [X / Y / Z] after full movement

motors and so on are fine. I now printed a few small things. But the leveling is still not working. For now i have done the Oldschool paper thing. But the print results are not that good