Noisy TMC2208 after cloning RPI SDCard

Hi there,

I’m using klipper for a while with good results and behavior.

I had to clone my original installation for a backup and install it on a new one because original sd seems to slowly die. To prevent an issue in work i choose to use a fresh one with all my conf. I checked all files on the two cards and everything is in order.
I made the backup clone with dd on my own ubuntu computer.
And restore it with the same computer.
The old crappy sd makes no noise but file transfer is deadly long. The newone looks like r2d2 under mdma but prints still well.

Any knowledge about same issues by here ?

My config

Skr1.4 turbo
Rpi 3b
Latest version of klipper.

Thanks for reading.

I have tried to clone again my crappy SDCard from the RPI this time and still have noisy moves …

May i have to re-install at all ?

I cannot imagine that these events are related.
A fishy SD card can cause all sorts of unexpected software behavior and errors but is unlikely to affect the motion system of your printer.

Please post your klippy.log file to check if there are any apparent errors. Otherwise I’d suggest to check cabling and the mechanical system.
If you want to be extra systematic, do a fresh install on a fresh SD card beforehand.

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Thank you for answer and sorry for reply so late.

I tried to clone my sd from the raspi with rpi_clone but seems to be the same…

Here is my log

Thanks for reading.

On first glance I do not see anything special, except that it is not advisable to switch between stealth-chop and spread-cycle during print. Set it either to 0 or to 9999.

Can you describe your problem in more detail?