Pushing Kobra 2 MAX printer.cfg

Anyone have luck with pushing a modified printer.cfg back into a Kobra 2 MAX?

I have had 2 motherboard replacements for my Kobra 2 MAX and the printer.cfg file sent with the replacement motherboard does not match the original printer.cfg from when the 3D Printer was working AND it does not match the one here:

Here is a screen shot of the beginning of the printer.cfg (Left new replacemnet motherboard’ printer.cfg and right is the original):

All of the blue lines are differences, why would some of the pins be different for the x/y/z stepper motors?

I don’t want to brick this motherboard but pushing the one from this site back into the printer for the new motherboard.

Also, when they ship new motherboards, it no longer has the pins soldered on there to access the serial console.

I also attached both copies of the printer.cfg

printer_max.cfg (6.0 KB)
Replacement_MotherBoard_printer_max.cfg (5.9 KB)