Retraction z-hop

Anyone know if there are plans to bring z-hop back to the retraction config?

I notice Kevin removed it until problems with it were resolved.

That was just over two years ago, and I can’t find any other discussion about it.

I’d find it helpful, because during large retractions (>2mm), the nozzle dwells on the spot, oozing and heating the print. This leaves a blob, but speeding up the retraction moves make stringing worse.

Let me know if there’s any way I can help. Or if anyone has workarounds.

I’m not aware of anyone that is working on this.

When it last came up, it was thought to be possible to implement correctly, but it was a bit tricky because it needs to handle starting/stopping/cancelling a print correctly (otherwise it can result in the nozzle colliding with the bed).