RPi MCU shutdown due to "Unable write i2c device", sometimes!

A print got suddenly ended due to “Transition to shutdown state: MCU ‘Host_rpi’ shutdown: Unable write i2c device”.
I have installed and using for more than a week now a HTU21D without any issues. I have printer a few objects in varius materials, ASA, ABS, PLA, without issues but today it failed with the above error.

Also, I noticed a few “Dumping … queue_step:”
Dumping stepper ‘stepper_z2’ (mcu) 3 queue_step:
Dumping stepper ‘stepper_z3’ (mcu) 3 queue_step:
Dumping stepper ‘extruder’ (mcu) 42 queue_step:
Dumping trapq ‘toolhead’ 56 moves:

I have not seen this issues before in added the RPi as a 2nd MCU. After I commented all the relative lines and macro referring to the RPi as a secondary MCU no more problems anymore.

I have attached that log and the Klipper version when this occur.
klippy_03-22-022.log (7.6 MB)

Any suggestions?