Save Config behavior could be better

I love how easy it is to safe settings in Klipper and how it can store adjustments with a simple SAVE_CONFIG, but I feel like the behavior could be made even better…
Every SAVE_CONFIG requires a FIRMWARE_RESTART which stops everything, loses your motor position and cools down your heater. I would love to see an option to save at next restart or something like that. Klipper could save the setting in a separate file like tmp.cfg and save it when you power down your printer or at the end of a print, or even at the beginning of the next restart (If the temporary file has something in it at start, copy it to the printer.cfg file and restart the firmware again. It would make the restart just a tad longer but would be better than loosing those baby step adjustments you made on your last print. Just an idea, and I’m curious to hear what others think of it.


Ref to [FR] SAVE_CONFIG without restarting the machine