RE: The whole 'having to reset klipper after powering printer down' issue

Hi there!
First off, massive respect to the dev(s?) for the work put into klipper! It is a complete game changer.

In the past, I was involved in discussions about the benefits of auto resetting klipper every time the printer was powered back up after being down. Now, I haven’t been following the forums for a long time, so I don’t know how much this has been discussed since then.
At the time, the opinion of the dev was that kllipper reconnecting automatically after the controller board had been shut down could be a safety risk.
For the life of me, I can’t imagine a scenario wherin klipper would take any actual action after a reset which would be a risk, but I would like to make a request for a configuration option that would allow the user to enable the ability of klipper to reconnect automatically once it saw the controller board power back up.
If there is a risk that I do not know of, a disclaimer could be added, and the user would then be taking the risk upon themselves.
Or has this been done already? Like I said, I’ve been away from the discussions for a bit, which means I haven’t been having other troubles, and that’s a good thing!

Thank you for any consideration, and help!