[Feature Request] - Simple Power Loss Recovery Setting

There should a power loss recovery for klipper. Some sort of recording of what layer it was last on before sudden interruption would be a good starting point to resume prints.

It doesn’t even have to direct resume , it could just specify the layer it was last printed without having to dig through the logs and make cutting the rest of the model to print easier.

I was thinking a checkpoint system would work , as in specifying if a layer is finished before moving on to the next.

Then , if a layer gets cut off, the log would show what layer was last finished and the rest of the print could be manually printed. It would be less buggy or affect print quality such as Power loss recovery on marlin does because of the external memory.

Since it runs on an external computer and does not require the main board to stutter, I think it would be a viable and straightforward way to resume a print.

This has been discussed many many times on GitHub, Discord, and probably here too. To my knowledge nobody is working on this, and there doesn’t seem to be much interest in adding this feature. See some discussion here about why your proposed solution is not likely to be added.

Right, I’ve visited that post before. Wouldn’t hurt to ask again I suppose I thought, ah well.

You can already do this easily with SAVE_VARIABLE. Just have your layer change gcode save the current layer height or number to the SD card at each layer change. You could even add a custom gcode macro to tell you the last-printed layer number on the console when asked. If you want to get fancy, you could also add variables for the gcode filename and whether the last print finished successfully so as to have some rudimentary detection for whether recovery is needed.

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I see a lot of interest in adding this feature on the facebook page. Only problem is that a lot of those people don’t post on the other platforms.

When I say not much interest in adding this feature, I mean from a developer standpoint. It’s not as simple as many people seem to think, and to do it right requires additional hardware in combination with software.

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Oh okay, that makes sense. An alternative solution to those interested and reading would be to buy a UPS (uninterruptable power supply). Unless the power outages are long and frequent, it should suffice.

Yes, the easy solution that requires no code at all is a UPS. If I had problems with brief power outages, that is what I would use.