Layer of failed print?

Basic Information:

Printer Model: RatRig Vcore 31
MCU / Printerboard: Octopus Pro + EBB42
klippy.log (1.4 MB)


Yesterday, due to my mistake, when I was printing, the power went out… and the printing was interrupted. Under normal conditions I would reprint the piece… but this piece is quite large and lasts more than 12 hours, I fail when it would take approximately 90%.

The idea I have is to reprint ONLY the missing piece and paste it… but I don’t know exactly the height at which I should cut the model… The option of measuring seems risky to me, because it is easy to I was wrong in layers…

Is there any way, through the logs, to know at which layer the printing was interrupted?

What methods do you use to know the height accurately?

Wipe your tears dry, reseat your crown and reprint. :wink:

This has been a very big blow…
it will take me years to recover…
life will not be the same for me from this moment on…



You CAN see the problem can’t you. The log can only be written with the last position if if knows that power has gone but, without power it can’t know that it needs to write the log. Worse, if it writes the position it is about to print and then erases that and replaces with a new about_to_print position if the last was successful, it stands the chance of damaging the file system if power is moved during a write. It might be OK if you have EXT4 journalling turned on but that would require an additional drive as well as the SDcard most people use. :thinking:
[edit] Also, saving the last layer is not enough, you need to save the actual position within the layer other with you may have an almost empty layer and the top will fall off when your print starts on the next layer.

I’m deeply sorry to have caused you so much grief.
The loss of your print has really touched my heart and it is immensely troubling me to see you suffer.
I hope that the future brings you comfort and that you find hope in the midst of your sorrow.


Since no one knows what the future will bring, how can you know life will not be the same. GroundHog day was a pretty good film.

Thank you for your words… it will be difficult, but I think I will be able to forgive you… No hard feelings…

I quite liked it…they usually repeat it here on some channel at Christmas

Thank you very much. Your kind words mean so much to me.
I wouldn’t have known how to continue with this guilt. I could already see my immortal soul being tortured in eternal agony, could feel the devouring flames of damnation.


Are we getting too pathetic?

Yes, I think so… I think it would be a good time to stop our ramblings… who knows what those who have entered this post will think…

But one thing is clear… I hate you… I’m reprinting the piece from about 11 p.m.


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One thought I’ve had on this, is to estimate the height of the incomplete piece, but estimate a little low. Then when you print your missing top piece, it will be a little too tall. But you could sand it down to the appropriate height by using a large flat piece of sandpaper and some patience.

You could also count the layers (with a magnifying glass?)…

It’s an inexact science of course; the simpler fix would be to reprint from the start as you are doing…

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Once I was doing similar “recovery” but not thru logs,
I re-homed, re-heat the bead then manually jog cold extruder to highest layer of a model and touched it with clean nozzle, then just look at Z-height. My model was simple enough to sand it and glue with finished top part.

P.S. i was working on Delta printer, so homing is not an issue when printer part is still on bed, take in account home positions.

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