Sovol SV06 Sensorless Homing with Klipper on EZBoard V2 not working

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Sovol SV06
MCU / Printerboard: EZBoard V2
klippy.log (129.3 KB)

For some reason, my X,Y,Z endstops are not triggering using sensorless homing on my Sovol SV06 with the EZBoard V2 and Klipper firmware. I have everything working on Marlin firmware so I know my build is good.

According to the EZBoard V2 schematics and sample files, X,Y,Z end stops should be ^!PC1, ^!PC2, ^!PC3 respectively and I have those mapped to diag_pin definition of [tmc2209 stepper?]. You can see all of that in my printer.cfg in the log.

I am following the instructions from this documentation: TMC drivers - Klipper documentation

To test the integration, I am using the method from the above documentation link.

I set the sensativity to it’s highest setting using this command:

I then attempt a home X using this command:
G28 X0

Unexpectedly the print head starts to move apparently ignoring the X diag_pin definition. I have checked and double checked and from everything I have read, those should be the correct pins, but it is simply not working.

According to the above documentation “If the axis does not stop, then issue an M112 to halt the printer - something is not correct with the diag/sg_tst pin wiring or configuration and it must be corrected before continuing.” This obviously leads me to believe this is something with the diag_pin definition, but I don’t know what the issue is.

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