Stepper motor and fan not working

Basic Information:

Printer Model: tronxy x5sa
MCU / Printerboard: manta m8p
klippy (1).log (1.1 MB)

Describe your issue: still super new to this. when I try to home or activate the fan nothing happens. the hotend and the bed heat up just fine I have wired and set up jumpers according to the manual.

How did you set the power jumpers to the fans and stepper motors? How did you wire power?

What version of the Manta M8P manual are you using? You should be using 1.05 (Dated April 5th of this year) as there were errors in the images showing the how the motor jumpers are to be set.

There’s a lot to plug in with the Manta.

What kind of stepper drivers do you use?

I am using TMC2208 V3.0 UART. I am using the pins recommended by the manual 1.1
power is going to the motor and power.

I am using TMC2208 V3.0 UART

this one

As stated in your previous posts (roughly 3 times already): Your config is missing the complete settings for the TMC steppers.

Should further issues pop up, make sure to always provide a recent klippy.log showing the issue.

Make sure you’ve properly set the power jumpers for the stepper motors:

and the fans:

As @Sineos noted, you haven’t added the [tmc2208 stepper...] blocks in your printer.cfg. I’m not sure what you want with your fans, but you’ve only specified one without any control/monitoring - you may not be able to command it to run until you get everything else working.

But first, check your power.

this was what was going on. thank you. the fans and induction probe are not working now.

so do I just cut and paste the tmc2208 into the config? I dont understand what needs to be in the “uart_pin:” or " run_current:" Where can I find what to put there? are there any good tutorials to explain any of this language?

figured it out “uart-pin:” wanted the cs. i have new issues but will start new thread.