The Update f+9cked everything up ! Sorry for harsh language


Please can someone from the DEVS make a LIST of what to change or what have changed.
I never had any problems configuring klipper, but the latest changes are the worst thing happening now… and that before christmas :confused:
How can you drastically change something so beautiful to this without a list or something…

I use fluidd btw.

a annoyed user xD

Hello @FireN !

The changelog can be found by everyone:

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Well, while I can understand some frustration when something does not work like expected, it would still bring you much further to:

  • keep calm
  • read the available documentation
  • post your problem / error messages together with the klippy.log
  • politely ask for support

I agree on that, but you have to look at least on 4 different pages to get started.

Why not make just one page with a list with what instructions (for example “old word for parameter a” = “new word for parameter a”) have changed, that would be more efficient and easier for users to understand.

Im some kind of computer nerd myself but there are millions of people out there, who want to use better printer software, but can´t, because of not existing tutorials or nothing than changelogs which only some of us even understand.

I was looking for concentrated knowledge on one page or something similar.

Maybe Klipper Devs do that next time, would be very nice.
I even would pay 5€ for that to save time, others think the same.

Partially I agree with you. Nevertheless:

  • Klipper is a one man show, driven by @koconnor
  • He is doing this in his free time and free for everybody
  • He is already providing a tremendous amount of documentation
  • IMO his time is better spend writing cool code
  • There are ways to get support like this forum here or the Discord server

In addition:
You might want to refer to klipper/ at master · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub, which together with the link posted above, already gives you a very concise overview of what has happened.
Further given the amount of options, printers, control boards and you name it, it is virtually impossible to cover all cases. Maybe this is the difference between a tinkered and DIY printer to a multi-thousand USD machine with support contract :wink:


I worked it out for now, had to change the makros, all pins and a few other things.
It prints, so im happy 4 now.

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