Timer too close, trying to understand log files

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Elegoo Neptune 3 Plus
MCU / Printerboard: ZNP Robin Nano_DW v2.2 - Rpi 3B+ - UART
klippy.zip (2.0 MB)
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Klipper rookie, but I’ll try to be a thorough as I can. Got this error today twice for the first time, no notable hardware changes, I have been running the printer with the same hardware and mostly same configs for a couple months now. Not sure if this is SD related or something else. Really trying to learn how to read the logs to know what I’m looking for. I can see where it gives the “too close” error a few times in the file, but can’t make out a cause, but see some SD mentions in the area.

I power cycled the rpi after the first error, then it ran the 4 hour print just fine. Restarted the print as I needed multiple copies, and it did it again about 10 layers in. Same error.

I have unplugged my two cameras because they randomly give me “no signal” in fluidd, trying to rule that out. They are running on a powered usb hub, trying to narrow down the signal loss. I have the type of screen where the pi mounts to the back and the screen and connects with a HDMI jumper for signal, and the USB jumper for power from the rpi. I am running a 5V4A power supply wired to a micro usb for power. I plan to wire a new “Y” cable and power the screen and rpi direct, 4A should be enough to power bolth wouldn’t it?

Any pointers would be great. I’ve started a new print with cameras disconnected and will monitor until I go to bed.

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Good luck, hcet14