Unable to parse max_z_accel

Ender 3 v2 + BTT Octopus + Klipper and Octoprint used both example files to build printer.cfg but can’t get past this error. printer.cfg (4.1 KB)

Hello @jeryjr !

You may a a smaller value. 50 or less.

I tried that and it still doesn’t work. I’m fixing to just switch back to Marlin

It’s important to be careful with comments and whitespace in the config file.

If you look closely at your config, the first non-comment line after max_z_accel is an assignment of EXP1_1… Which the config is associating with max_z_accel and causing a parsing error.

In general, if you get these types of errors, best to double check formatting and whitespace everywhere in the config file.


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