Unable to run bl touch on my ender 3 with v1.1.4

Basic Information: Unable to get bl touch working on ender 3 pro with v1.1.4 board

Printer Model: Ender 3 Pro
MCU / Printerboard: Ender 3 v1.1.4

I am trying to install bl touch on my ender 3 Pro with V1.1.4 motherboard but I keep receiving an error stating that it is failing to verify the probe:
BLTouch failed to raise probe
Failed to verify BLTouch probe is raised; retrying.
Failed to verify BLTouch probe is raised; retrying.
I soldered the black and white wires onto the board in the location of the z stop and I wired the control pin into one of the ribbon cables coming from the LCD screen. Thanks In Advance! Here is the bltouch section from printer.cfg file:

sensor_pin: ^PB7
control_pin: PB5
pin_up_touch_mode_reports_triggered: True
x_offset: -42 # change these to match the
y_offset: -10 # mounting hardware you’re using
z_offset: 0
speed: 5.0
probe_with_touch_mode: True

Hello @mtzmechengr !

  • Please attach a complete klippy.log to your next post.
  • Is it a genuine BTtouch or a clone?

Thanks for your response! Yes it is a clone. I should mention the bl touch performs the self-test successfully where it moves the pin up and down a couple of times. I am not able to find the klippy.log file. I tried to find it using putty and winscp and it is not there in the /tmp directory.

I found the klippy.log file
klippy.log (446.7 KB)

Have you seen this?

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ok i found the solution! I was using the wrong pin number for the control pin or pin 27 in my case. It should be PIN A4!

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