Unable to see the webcam on KlipperScreen

TL;DR: The webcam is working fine via crowsnest, timelapse is working fine, no issues.
But if I need to check the camera angle, I need to grab my phone/tablet/PC to check it which is so pointless with the printer display right there.


My KlipperScreen.conf has the lines:

[printer Trident]

And that adds a webcam icon under Actions, but when I try to access it, well, bruhhhh

And the log shows:

[screen.py:show_error_modal()] - Showing error modal: Unable to load panel camera /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libmpv.so.2: undefined symbol: mpv_detach_destroy

I am running everything up to date and Google isn’t helping much to find a solution for this.
Thank you for any help.

Any update on this? My webcam stopped working and I think it has something to do with the latest round of updates.

Stopped working like in general or only displayed on the display??
For what it is worth it, I just updated everything and the camera is working fine both via Mainsail and the display.
I use Crowsnest to manage the camera.

This post problems appears to be hardware issues.
I was using a basic thin client and have since replaced it with a better thin client, I can now access the camera via the display just fine.