Voron2.4, Homing and connection issues

Voron2.4, 300mm
BTT Octopus V1.0
Raspberry pi 3b
klippy(12).log (6.5 MB)

Describe your issue:
I am using the klicky probe. When I try to “home all” the printer will home the X but not the y or the z. I get the following error “Must home axis first: 235.788 289.910 30.531 [0.000], Must home axis first: 235.788 289.910 30.531 [0.000]”

I can independently home the x and the y but when I try to home the z I get the error “Must home axis first”

Before it would independently home the z axis and I would be able to QGL but now without changing anything I am unable to do that.

I also have to restart klipper several times to get a connection. If I do get it to connect I will soon get the error “MCU ‘mcu’ shutdown: Timer too close”

Transition to shutdown state: MCU 'mcu' shutdown: Timer too close
This often indicates the host computer is overloaded. Check
for other processes consuming excessive CPU time, high swap
usage, disk errors, overheating, unstable voltage, or
similar system problems on the host computer.

The potential reasons for this error message are already included in the error message itself. In addition additional hardware (like a webcam) or a dying SD-card can be reasons