Warm White/ Cool White LED feature request

Hi, could someone please add warm white to the led component. Eg, ww, cw, r, g, b
At present i am running cob led lighting and using the blue colour output for ww leds. This works and i have no colour led so not the end of the world it just looks a bit hacked.
Even if there is a way to turn the blue icon yellow would be great. Scribble example in picture

If you wanted to go all out it’d be super dooper if there could be ww/cw transition slider along with a brightness slider :slight_smile:

Hello @Bok !

I guess this is for KlipperScreen?

Yeah, maybe i’m not too sure. I think it would need to be in klipper LED

The option to uncomment would be required in klipper i think

But yeah thinking about it the slider transition would be klipper screen.

For having a warm white, you should add some red instead of blue. But not too much.


@EddyMI3D These are ww/cw cob leds. They have no colours

I see. Then try reducing the blue. It should get a bit warmer too.

Yes, thanks. Colour balance is not an issue it’s just a hacky way to have to go.
We don’t all want disco lights, i want quality lighting to see what’s happening so I am suprised this is not implemented.

P.s the blue is the warmer red/yellow colour, that’s what bugs me a bit.

ww/cw LEDs are just controlled by the power pins. You should just set your values to whatever you want them to be.

As in, in the macro up top, instead of “BLUE” or “RED”, you’d have “WW” “CW”.

I don’t use a Klipper screen but I don’t think this is a limitation of the firmware, more of how you have your LEDs setup?

Unless I’m missing something critical here?

I’m using the led component so no macro

The led component does not have warm white, cool white it only has r, g, b, w

What LEDs are you using?

@TheFuzzyGiggler 24v, analouge, warm white + cool white led strips. I have them powered and running on heater outputs using the LED component as per instructions in klipper configuration reference. Problem being there is only one white option.

I get what you’re saying, It’s not a matter of hooking it up really. You just want it to specifically say “Warm White” or “Cool White”?

Because you can just as easily hook up one of the other whites to the “Red” “Blue” or “Green” pins but it won’t be “called” that.

Yes that’s what i mean, and yep i have done exactly that and they work that way it is just tacky

Also there are ww, cw, rgb leds on the market

Do it by yourself, it’s easier than you could imagine

@Escrich Where do i learn then?