Warning error set z value to 0.00

When I do micro stepping to get the z distance right and try and save config I get a warning to set z value to 0.00 at minimum. I do that then run the print to save the z value after micro stepping. When I hit save I get the warning again. Then I check my print.cfg and the value is uncommented again. Is there a fix or do I have to reflash and start over?

Can you better explain what process you’re using when you receive this error? As the error notes, the z_offset for a bltouch must be a positive number.

I will use the micro steps to get the best first layer. Then when I hit the save icon I get the warning in the picture. I set the z value for the BL touch to 0.00. Warning goes away, then I try and reprint and for some reason the value automatically uncomments and I’m back to square one.

Please attach a log.

printer.cfg (24.7 KB)

In order for your bltouch z offset to be negative, it would need to trigger with the nozzle below the bed surface. Is the nozzle contacting the bed before the bltouch triggers?

no it is about even with the probe. would it be as easy as measuring the distance from the probe tip when extended to the tip of the nozzle?

I would recommend lowering the bltouch at least 1mm and then run probe_calibrate. You don’t want the nozzle to touch the bed when probing. It will make the bltouch inaccurate.

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