ZOffsets and other mysteries

Hi Folks.
A generall Klipper type enquiry. Every time I need to print something I need to set from the Fluidd main screen the ZOffset of -1.1

I already have this in my print.cfg

    # Home the printer

And this too

sensor_pin: ^PD3
control_pin: PB5
x_offset: -45
y_offset: 0
#z_offset: 0
speed: 3.0
pin_up_touch_mode_reports_triggered: False

Is there anywhere in the config that I can set this value so I do not have to set it every time. It’s becoming a real pain with the rapid clicks etc.

I am doing my bed levelling manually, running an Ender 5 Plus.


You might want to follow Bed leveling - Klipper documentation
Also have a special look at determining-thermal-expansion with respect to SET_GCODE_OFFSET

Thanks… But reading the documentation leaves me more confused than ever. As mentioned I have set my bed level. I am happy with that.
But I need to set the Z Off Set every time and need to know Where.

I don’t follow exactly what you need here. You say you have SET_GCODE_OFFSET in your printer.cfg, but it’s not a configuration option. Is it in a start gcode macro? Either way, it’s better to calibrate your probe rather than using a gcode offset.

If you home your printer with your bltouch, then you need to adjust the z_offset for your bltouch to permanently change the location of Z0. In the bltouch code snip you posted z_offset is commented out. I assume this is because you ran PROBE_CALIBRATE, and Klipper has added a SAVE_CONFIG section at the bottom with the current z_offset value. If this is true, you need to adjust that value. If you need to move the nozzle closer to the bed, you need to increase the z_offset by 1.1mm if that’s how far down you need the nozzle.

As mentioned I have set my bed manually. I don’t use the BLTouch at all. It was fun at the beginning but ended up being just too messy and time consuming.
I have always handled my bed level calibration using the paper method so I am happy with that.

So - knowing that I have to put in an offset to total Z= -2.2 (existing -1.09 + -1.1)
So where can I set this so that it will always happen.

Many thanks

So you home Z with an endstop? If that is the case, you need to run Z_ENDSTOP_CALIBRATE to calibrate position_endstop.

Found where to set it.
I removed the Set_GCode_Offset, and in the BLTOUCH I set Z_OFFSET to 3.8
Work now.

I forgot that it uses the BLOTUCH when it first starts up

Many thanks