Z-offset problem and no extrusion

Basic Information:Z-offset not taken into account

Printer Model: V-minion
MCU / Printerboard:SKR mini e3 v3
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Describe your issue:Hi,

i need some help with my printer. After i finish with my z-offset calibration with paper test and start printing something my printer doesnt remember the z-offset. It prints in the air about 2mm above the print bed. If i set the same offset in the superslicer/filament settings it still print in the air about the same height, but if i set it to 0 in superslicer the nozzle scratch the bed. And my second problem is with my extruder. I can extrude the exact lenght of the filament manualy form the web interface but when it start to print there is no filament going out. Just some stringing. And the gears of my LGX lite bondtech just move forward and back with no extrusions. I know i did something wrong when i assembled and installed the ratos but what?
Thank You.

This sounds like your nozzle is too close to the bed and molten plastics has nowhere to go.
Be sure to have followed:




Thank you for your reply but i dont think this is the problem. Because i had some problems with my z-offset too and my printer was trying to prin above the print bed about 2mm. And my extruder wasnt extruding. Now i fix my problem with z-offset but i cant make my printer to extrude during print. I can extrude from Web UI by clicking Extrude button and everything go normal, i can push by hand the filament into the extruder and the filament come out from the nozzle. The only problem i have is when i hit the Load macro or Print. When i use the Load command my filament looks like in the picture

and if i use the Print command my printer do a preheating to 150, a mesh bed then heat to the printing temperature and start to print. It print a nice prime line but when it start to print the object no filament is comming out from the nozzle. I can see my extruder gears clicking , i see them moving back and forth but no filament is pushed out. I disassembled the hotend to see if it is clogged and i found no problem, i disassesmbled the extruder , an LGX lite, to inspect the gears but they are clean. I increased the amps for the stepper from 0.7 to 0.8 for more torque but nothing. I dont know what else i should do. I know i did something wrong when i assembled the printer and installed the ratos but i dont know what.

Not sure if you have already resolved this issue but if not, you might look at your slicer/printer config variable extrusion settings.