Add max accelleration in Z to delta kinematics and z speed ratio calculation

Now with input shapeing I got a recommended acc at 24000mm/s² and it works nice… except z-movements… that sounds like a machine gun… If I dull it down a bit the printer behaves ok in Z…

This is a few lines in the that’s missing

There is even “missing” ratio calculation so that XY movements is capped to max Z speed if any Z-component is in the move…

This is a few lines in the that’s missing as well

--- a/klippy/kinematics/
+++ b/klippy/kinematics/
@@ -30,6 +30,8 @@ class DeltaKinematics:
         self.max_z_velocity = config.getfloat(
             'max_z_velocity', self.max_velocity,
             above=0., maxval=self.max_velocity)
+        self.max_z_accel = config.getfloat('max_z_accel', self.max_accel,
+                                           above=0., maxval=self.max_accel)
         # Read radius and arm lengths
         self.radius = radius = config.getfloat('delta_radius', above=0.)
         print_radius = config.getfloat('print_radius', radius, above=0.)
@@ -129,7 +131,8 @@ class DeltaKinematics:
                 raise move.move_error()
             limit_xy2 = -1.
         if move.axes_d[2]:
-            move.limit_speed(self.max_z_velocity, move.accel)
+            z_ratio = move.move_d / abs(move.axes_d[2])
+            move.limit_speed(self.max_z_velocity * z_ratio, self.max_z_accel * z_ratio)
             limit_xy2 = -1.
         # Limit the speed/accel of this move if is is at the extreme
         # end of the build envelope

add in printer.cfg

Thanks Dalegaard