BIGTREETECH Manta M5P + CB1 + 5xTMC2208 Cant get steppers to move

Verify against BIGTREETECH-TMC2208-V3.0/TMC2208-V3.0 manual.pdf at master · bigtreetech/BIGTREETECH-TMC2208-V3.0 · GitHub Chapter 2


All of my drivers have a bridge soldered in place in the spot like in the image above…

I find the BTT manual for the TMC2208 to be confusing on the jumper point and I know that other people have had issues here.

Can you focus in on one the bottom side of one of your TMC2208 drivers? The jumper position really isn’t visible in what you’ve posted.

Regardless, one of the recommendations that I see online is to put a solder bridge across all three pins - do you have the capability of trying this on one of your modules and then put them back with the modified one in the “X” position? I’d be interested in seeing what happens.

Yeah sure i can do that. give me a minute.


Nothing changed

Maybe a bit hard to see but all three pads are connected

Did you check the connection with an ohmmeter? Are the middle two pins shorted together.

I know this is grasping at straws but there should be a fairly simple solution to this.


Yes i measured them. At this point im convinced the board is defective…
But as i mentioned before, the new one with some TMC2209 drivers arrives tomorrow.
Lets see if that resolves it, i certainly hove so, i have some things to print haha.
But regardless I thank everyone for your help so far! Really really overwhelmed by the knowledge you guys have! Thank you very much already!!

I can see one being defective - I have a hard time believing it’s all five.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Type yourklipper message here

Hey there. Sooo the new board and drivers have arrived.
And look at that, there is movement. Which is already a HUGE step in the right direction.
I will continue to set up my cfg for the sensorless homing now and hope to get all the drivers moving by the end of the day and do at least a successful test print. I will keep you guys updated!

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I’m glad to hear that the TMC2209 modules are working!

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with - but don’t kill yourself to get something out today.

No worries, i will take it slowly. The sensorless homing is an entirely new experiment in itself, but i will figure it out eventually. Still not sure if the drivers or the board were the issue, the board al least will be sent back anyways. As soon as im ready to print, i will print a case for the m5p and get the printer back into its habitat, even though he seems to like my livingroom floor haha

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But for now i think the issue this thread was about is resolved and for my part the thread can be closed! Thank you guys very much for your help again!

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