BTT manta m4p "Lost communication with MCU"

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Enderwire (ender 3 voron switchwire mod)
MCU / Printerboard: BTT manta M4P
klippy (2).zip (1.1 MB)

so, I have a very inconsistent Lost communication with MCU. It almost always happens on the longer prints. but it’s very possible to do 12h prints without any problems. but I needed to do a print with TPU very slowly and suddenly the issue got way worse after 5 attempts, there was still no successful print.
Mal 2 (7.3 MB)
this is the g-code.
because of the M4p, I don’t imagine it’s a cable issue.

I know this is a week ago but I just installed a 4P and CB-1 I have noticed it losing connection without even printing. I reimaged a few times and now it has seemed to stop. I haven’t even got to printing yet though so not the same obviously but I feel similar. I do the first print tomorrow and see what happens.

See Sudden MCU Shutdown During Print for the same discussion

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