Basic Information:

Printer Model: HevORT/Tridex
MCU / Printerboard: TBA
klippy.log: Don’t have one yet

Hi. I’m building an idex corexy printer based on Trident/HevORT and I’m trying to figure out the kinematics im going to use. I’ve looked at the documentation, but none of the available kinematics types are what I’m looking for.

I want 2 tool heads with corexy kinematics, but not hybrid corexy, as I want the carriages to be driven by 4 motos each in a AWD config. This is due to using geared down stepper motors (using nema17 with 4:1 gear reduction gearbox added), so I need more power than what 2 steppers are capable of without pushing them to the extreme.

Is it possible to use double AWD, meaning 8 motors, 4 per carriage, both sets of 4 on a corexy config? If so, does klipper support this? What do I need to do to the print.config file to make this possible?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Found a better term for what im looking for: CoreXYUV (CoreXYU, but with another motor for the second carriage)

-One X gantry
-Two extruders/carriages; X1 and X2
-8 motors, 4 for each carriage (or 4 motors, 2 for each, the config would be the same i guess)

  • 2 motors for movement x+y, 2 for movement x-y, 2 for movement u+y (or x2+y), 2 for movement u-y (x2-y)

This way the motors for the second carriage are used all the time and help move the heavy gantry.

Your upload seems to have an issue or is it on my side only?

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No, I have one too; the image I uploaded didn’t load correctly for some reason. I’ll try to send it again.

Eddited the main post to add some info. Changed the title to a more clear one.