Cr Touch in Klipper?


I have a BlTouch(Clone) installed on my printer, such as Zprobe. And I want to try a Cr Touch… but I can’t find any detailed guide on how to install it. From what I have seen they are very similar, it is easy for the wiring to work the same for me, but I am not sure…

Can someone give me a link to a resource that explains how to install Cr Touch (hardware and klipper configuration)?

Thank you

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Maybe this thread can help:


Here is what I use in my printer.cfg for Ender 3 with cr touch, it works fine so maybe this could help you.

sensor pin: ^PB1 #4.2.2 creatality board
control_pin: PBO #4.2.2 creatality board
x offset: -48 # Satsana Fan Duct Remix for Micro Swiss Direct Drive
y offset: -8.3 # CR Touch offset
#z offset: 1 # will update
pin_up_touch_mode_reports _triggered: False
stow on each sample: False
probe with touch mode: True