Creality CR-200B 2021

Hi so, I was trying to get help this morning from CREALITY technical support, to get my hands on a pinout for this “exotic” v4.2.5 board, and I got a weird and challenging reply…
this board is only in use in the CR-200B and there’s no documentation available publically, it is confidential!
So a few hours later, I got around it and I made a config for it!
Heavily based on the v4.2.10 for the CR-30 printmill…
so here it is:
it has 3 pwm fans and 1 of them is not in use!
so I am now moving around the wiring to make it quiet as possible in idle.
Moved the cold end fan and the 5015 blower controller fans to XH Y-splitter adapter already in use there inside the box.
Also I will rewire the second controller fan, to be also kind of controllable using an available pin and +24V line to switch it ON/OFF based on the MCU temp.
A bit like the led pin.
But it will be for another day.
Enjoy and keep sharing!
printer-creality-cr-200b-2021.cfg (2.6 KB)


hi manu,

can you please share some photos on how you did your wiring modifications? i wanna use klipper on my cr 200b. also, what pi are you using?

hi the connection of one of the controller fans (the one on the metal cover of the controller compartment) and connected it to the K-fan3 via the Y-splitter together with the coldend fan, I have no photos of it… but it is easy to spot!

Does this work with a BLtouch or klipperscreen on the built in display? I’ve just tried to upgrade my mainboard and screen firmware and it’s a mess - I’m fed up with crappy creality documentation (or lack of!), so I’m going to try this out. Cheers for sharing!

Tested and working: GitHub - ChewyJetpack/CR-200B-Klipper-Config


Will you be able to tell me what choices you’ve made when building the klipper file to be installed on sd card? Thank you so much.

Just open the .cfg file and read…

Ok thank you. Any modifications that you did?

did you managed to get the stock screen working with klipper?

The screen doesn’t work. I just use Fluidd. No other modifications to the printer that affect the cfg.

I’ve since replaced the stock extruder with a bmg clone which is a great upgrade, and I’m running the chassis fans inside the enclosure inside a nevermore carbon filter.

Thank you for your quick response. How about the led light? Did you managed to get it working? I have mobius 4 extruder installed on mine but im going to change it to orbiter later on

The light works fine. You’ll need to update the extruder config to work

Hi, did you manage to get the BLTouch to work? I tested with your config and I couldn’t get the probe to deploy. I tested many configurations, the pin names seems to be correct according to this diagram. Creality 4.2.10 pins · adelyser/Marlin-CR30 Wiki · GitHub
My wiring is good because it works with Marlin. My BLTouch is the Antclabs Smart 3.1.

mcu ‘mcu’: Unable to connect
Once the underlying issue is corrected, use the
“FIRMWARE_RESTART” command to reset the firmware, reload the… i got this mcu error . any idea? this is the menucondig settings and same printer cdg settings of yours. 4.2.5 V

Hallo TRAINTRACS i did check your printer config and may have some questions.

  • Why is stepper_y → position max: 197 and not 200? BL-Touch-Mount on the back of the hotend? What BL-Touchmount you are using? In my case, the Travel distance is still a little over 200

  • Why is stepper_z → postion endstop: 0.15: As I Installled BL-Touch i disconnected z-stop. How does this has an effect?

  • Why is extruder → rotation_distance 32. Is this the length of the filament by one 360 degree rotation of the extruder? I do use SEEMECNC EZR EXTRUDER so the drive roller has other sizes an so may other values than 32

  • Extruder → PID-values, have you sorted them out with pronter face while doing pid-tuning?

  • bed_screws: how the value are related to? the physical bed, or to the konfigurated 0/0 of the printable space?

  • bltouch → you have two z_offset (first 0.5 / second 4) hwat does the first z_offset:0.5 means? I suggest, the second one ist the installed high of the probe compared to the nozzle.

Thank you for your answers. Daniel