D9 300 MK2 (with BL Touch) cfg please

I have a major challenge, and that is with the BL Touch on my Wanhao D9 300 Mk2. The printer-wanhao-duplicator-9-2018.cfg file available to us, is for the MK 1 that uses a probe. I have been trying to get the printer working, but no response from the BL Touch. Anywhere I can look please?

Newby, but already hooked :-).

PS: Sourcing materials to start a Voron 2.4 build. Here we go…

This is a long shot, as I do not know this printer or control board.

Setup your generic BLTouch config according to klipper/BLTouch.md at master · KevinOConnor/klipper · GitHub

Use following pins for the config:

sensor_pin: PH3
control_pin: PG1

The way Klipper config works is you can mix and match sections of different configs and combine them together. You can take the MK1 config and add the BL Touch config section to it.

Hey @Nerdzone! does it work for you in the end? I have Wanhao d9 / 500 mk2, also problems with bltouch. If you solved this problem, can you please share printer.cfg (for example a link to google drive)?

@Aiv_Nass I’m the original author of the wanhao-duplicator-9-2018.cfg. A few days ago I received the splitter board and BLTouch module and plan to connect these to my printer. After looking in the Wanhao Marlin source code (which they haven’t put much care into providing) I can see that the pin assignment should be:

sensor_pin: PH3
control_pin: PH4

I haven’t tested this on my own printer yet, but did start a pull request on the reference configuration: Add support for BLTouch probe on the Wanhao D9 MK2 by mdshw5 · Pull Request #4701 · KevinOConnor/klipper · GitHub