DWIN T5UID1 touchscreen support

Kindly consider implementing T5UID1 touchscreen support into Klipper master branch.
Where dgus-display is the most interesting branch/approaxh.


This would add Touch Screen Support for:
Creality Ender 5+
Creality Ender 6
Creality Ender CR-10s
Creality Ender CR-X

Copied over from:


I am thinking to contribute in development for supporting such devices. My idea is to change Klipper protocol with added commands supporting UART channels in the same way as I2C and SPI resources. I posted my idea here . If discussion will progress there then the full support for such touch screens will be easily implemented.

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Is there anything specific required before looking at reintegrating Desuuuu touch screen into klipper main? Can the merge be done in parallel to working on a display core for klipper?