Ender 3 Pro Z Axis homing problem with BLTouch

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 3 pro
MCU / Printerboard: Creality 4.2.2

I have just installed Klipper and mainsail. When trying to home the printer, the X and Y axis work fine but the Z axis raises slightly and just centers. The BL Touch probe fires and that’s it. No movement downwards towards the bed.

All worked fine using the BL Touch and homing before this using Marlin firmware.

I have attached the Klipper log file and also my printer.cfg and a screenshot of the errors in the console if any one could help with this it would be most appreciated.

klippy (2).log (455.3 KB)

Printer.cfg-20240121-130518.zip (1.7 KB)

Hello @ugg !

Does it burn?

Is it genuine BLTouch?

You may check:


@EddyMI3D I believe it is genuine as it has a QR code on it. i have attached a screenshot of it.

Not sure what does it burn but it does fire down the pin when it reaches the center

It’s a 3.1, so this is for you:


@EddyMI3D Thank you for our help.

I have added ‘probe_with_touch_mode: true’ to the BLTouch entry in the printer.cfg but just the same. The BL Touch pin fires once when it has reached center but there is no down motion towards the bed.

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