ESP support (connection over wifi)

Hi! Is there a way to use ESP8266 with klipper? I can add to my printer just a small ESP-12E (or similar) and connect it to my home server (where klipper and other services are) via wifi and my printer became wireless. I tried ESP-link and socat but it was unsuccessfully. Anyone wandered about this feature?

Not too sure what you are trying to do. Please define “…and my printer became wireless…”

Do you want to replace the printer’s control board with the ESP8266 ?
Do you want to substitute the Raspberry Pi with a ESP8266?
Or do you want to control the power supply of your printer with the ESP8266?

The first option might be possible with a lot of work, for the second option forget about it.
The third option is easily doable with a relay.

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Sorry for misunderstanding.

I have:

  • Ender 3 with stock control board;
  • ESP 8266
  • Server (not raspberry) running debian with klipper on it and many other programs.

I need to establish the following connection:
Printer control board - ESP - wifi - TCPtoSerial - klipper.

With this connection I get:

  • No need to buy additional raspberry to run klipper on it (because I have home server that can carry klipper and many other things);
  • No need to keep my server near the printer (no usb cable);
  • Printer becomes more mobile: I can take it wherever I want within wifi coverage area and presence of an outlet.

Ah! ok now I understand.

Although I am sceptical on the reliability of such a setup, you might want to have a look at Esp-Link project. GitHub - jeelabs/esp-link: esp8266 wifi-serial bridge, outbound TCP, and arduino/AVR/LPC/NXP programmer . and this youtube video Using ESP-LINK (ESP8266 Wi-Fi to Serial Bridge) to program an Arduino UNO over Wi-Fi - YouTube

I am very interested so, please keep us informed of your progress.

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I’m also skeptical of the reliability of this setup, and I would note that a Pi Zero W is not that much more expensive than an ESP8266. It also solves the other 2 goals you have in mind. The Pi eliminates the need to use your server at all, and it makes the printer accessible via wifi.

Look at Espeasy / serial link. On the server side you could use socat.
But this is not guaranteed to work over wifi, timinings are really important.

@lawashnik I’m curious how you got on with this idea?

Im curious aswell. Have you tried Serial-to-WiFi Tutorial using ESP8266