Feature Idea for PID Timestamp

I have been thinking of adding a timestamp to the auto-PID tuning section at the bottom of my printer.cfg

Not sure if this is a good idea. Would help me keep track with multiple printers.

Wait a minute: Do you use one and the same Klipper setup for various printers?

We have 10 printers total right now, and we are managing them via Mobileraker and Mainsail.

But we have been using PID calibrations for different materials to keep everything at the best possible quality (sometimes when printing Nylons and other engineering materials the PID just doesn’t cut it, especially at the same setup as a 210 PLA profile used just prior)

What we are wanting to do is just add a timestamp and the “profile” of material we are tuning to, it won’t be very hard for me to accomplish and even though many will see it as useless it would help me a bit keep track. I am thinking like “PLA PID - 12/29/23 8:34AM” and the profile/material name itself is more important than the timestamp; thankfully there are shell features and linux to aid in this also. It will make it easier for any employees that are unsure to verify they are using the correct configuration without messing with too much.

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