Feature request: separate max_z_accel setting during probing

I think the title is pretty self explanatory.

Most of the time you want the highest max_z_accel for those fast z-hops, but a high max_z_accel has an adverse effect on the probe_accuracy. When using a nozzle probe like the Voron tap the z acceleration during probing also has an influence on stresses put on your hot-end assembly and bed.

I achieved this as a side effect of adding an acceleration parameter to the toolhead.move(). This requires that any piece of code that moves the toolhead to provide an acceleration. The gcode class now tracks the M204 acceleration value, just like it already did for gcode velocity. Extra modules, such as probe, have new settings for the acceleration of the moves they generate.

The patch can be viewed here but I don’t recommend to run it as it is based on other personal change. I could extract a minimal for main branch and limit the number of added config parameters. But so far it received little interest and I have minimal expectations of this kind of changes being ever accepted.