FlashForge Adventurer 3 + BTT SKR Mini E3

I got fed up with the limitations of the proprietary hardware in my AD3, so I spent the last few months designing a Klipper based solution.

I need to publish the printed parts (tomorrow), but the overall solution is now working so I’ve published the config files and custom PCB’s (KiCad + Gerbers) to my GitHub.

FlashForge Adventurer 3 gets a new Brain, Hot-End and Klipper


Printed Parts are now Available:


That’s so awesome. I was considering going down this path as well as some components in my mother board failed(camera and fans) and i was considering going down the BTT route as well. I may give it a try in the coming weeks once the switchwire project is complete.

Great work!

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Thank you. I’m still fine tuning a few things like the Filament macros.

I’ve also just finished developing a solution to use an IR Z-Probe that can probe the entire bed.

Latest Prototype:


Extremely cool. Thanks for posting.

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Starting with the print of the hotend, wish me luck

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I hope it goes well. :+1:

I found these Mini Differential IR Height Sensors for $27 on Aliexpress, so I bought a couple to play with. They are more readily available that the Aussie made Z probe.


Thanks for the reminder, always asked myself if I should have such sensors.
Found one on the Mellow site for only 10 € and two for less than 18€…
Ordered two for testing.

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With regards to the PCB, it’s a bit harder to do one off pcb’s here in Australia, do you have spares when you made them? If you have spares I would be happy to pay for cost and shipping, the mod is printed, and is functional (tested on my switchwire build, so all good to go). I either have the choice of going down the PCB route or wiring harness, which isn’t the worst thing i suppose :slight_smile:

I think the IR height sensor is a good idea, i raided my arduino box and found that i have a few of these(when i was helping my niblings with electronic projects). Wondering what the accuracy level is like.

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I’m not sure yet, I haven’t gotten around to putting my AD3 back together and testing it (too many projects on the go + Work :crazy_face: ). In theory the accuracy should be decent as the components used are very capable.

I’ve now published my design files for the optical sensor. However, I haven’t gotten around to publishing my Klipper config files yet.