Fluidd config missing


I have an ender 3 running klipper on a pi4 with Fluidd, installed about 6 months ago and all working as required. Yesterday when I turned on the pi, printer and connect to it with fluidd, I found that fluidd seemed to have reverted to default settings, ie all layout changes that I had made were lost, the colour scheme has changed and all my macro categorys had gone.

I have looked through all the log files but cannot spot any error messages, my printer still seems to work, but I am concerned that at least one file must have changed/disappeared so what else might go wrong.

Does anyone know where the macro categorys are stored in Fluidd ?

Any other ideas on what might have caused this ?

I have had a quick look around but failed to spot anything

Thank you


Hello @ibsmith04 !

How do you shut down the Pi?

Hi, All sorted now. It was caused by an upgarde to Moonraker which moved the data.mdb file in a default installation.

I close down klipper and the pi from within Fluidd, I don’t just power off.

Thanks for your help

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They way to do it!

sudo shutdown -h 0

I meant this instead of just pulling the plug :wink: