Formbot T-Rex 3


I managed to run Klipper on my Formbot/Vivedino T-Rex 3. (8.1 KB)

There are three profiles:

  • printer-Formbot-T-Rex 3 : is a profile for a regular printer.
  • printer-Formbot-T-Rex 3-uart : is a profile for the use of TMC2209 in UART mode. The uart connection is made using the MISO/MOSI connectors on the printer board (SD card isn’t use with Klipper).
  • printer-Formbot-T-Rex 3-all : is the same as the one above with an additional z-axes (stepper_z1). You need a small stepper driver board for this. It is controlls by 3 free ports on the EXP1 connector (pins 3,4 and 5). 5V is provided by MISO/MOSI socked and 24V just near the USB socket.

If I missed some info, please tell me.

— Be careful with the 24V. It kills all 5V components instantaneously. —
I lost a printer board, 8 TMC2209 and a LCD.