Heater <name> not heating at expected rate

Heater <name> not heating at expected rate


A heater (typically either extruder or bed) is not able to reach or maintain the target temperature


  • Often this points to some hardware problems with the heater
    • Damaged heating cartridge
    • Damaged cables / connectors that are supplying the heater
    • Damaged / burned MOSFET on the printer-board
  • Target temperatures set too high for the given hardware to reach or maintain in due time
  • Air flow of the layer-cooling fans hitting the nozzle and causing a temperature drop
  • Too strict settings in the [verify_heater] section

Potential solutions

  • Check the heating hardware, especially the cables and connectors. One might even see burn marks on the connectors (high contact resistance leading to local overheating)
  • Replace the heating cartridge if found faulty. Often the fault only shows up when hot
  • Replace the heating cartridge with a more powerful variant or reduce target temperature
  • Replace the main power supply unit by a more powerful one
  • Use a silicone sock on the heating block
  • Do not simply relax the [verify_heater] settings until the error is gone. Verify / validate above points first or you might not have an error but other hard to diagnose issues.