How to Z-Offset Kobra 2?

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Kobra 2 (Standard Model, Not Max, Not neo etc.)
MCU / Printerboard: IDK But i think it doesn’t really matter
Host / SBC -
klippy.log -

Klipper Log doesent matter

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Not really an issue but an Question:
How can i bind my Anycubic Kobra 2 Z Offset sensor in Klipper?
I already got all the config and the printer is flashed but I don’t have the config for the z offset.
I thought this here could fit: GitHub - protoloft/klipper_z_calibration: Klipper plugin for self-calibrating z-offset
But I don’t think so. Can you help me?
(Oh yea for config and system i used How to install Klipper on Anycubic Kobra 2 - Function3D)

Take this with a large grain of salt, this is what someone else posted in a previous thread.

#inductive probe settings
pin: PA1
x_offset : 24.0
y_offset : 13.35
#z_offset: 0
samples: 3
samples_result: average
samples_tolerance_retries: 1
sample_retract_dist: 2
speed: 15
lift_speed: 8
samples_tolerance : 0.1
samples_tolerance_retries : 3

Previous thread

It says Plus/Pro/Max but I believe they all fundamentally use the same sensor.

It says inductive but the so did the Anycubic Vyper I played with it and it was strain gauge based so who knows on that.

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Thank you for your help! Since i live in germany now i have to go to bed but sometime tomorrow i will test it :slight_smile:

Checking Currently the config to make sure not to have any issues…

Nope it wont bc heater pin is A1 thats the problem…
There is also an diffrence between kobra 2 and kobra 2 max/neo/plus:
They have the new touchscreen ui and all plus including storage chip which means that its an diffrent board. I didnt want to do this but since there is not much docu over the mbo i gotta unassemble the printer will keep you updated :slight_smile:

Yeah, Unfortunately a lot of printer manufacturers don’t publish their board pinouts. Makes it hard to adapt and figure out what’s what.