I cant connect after update


i got a warning in Fluidd about a Moonraker update, which I proceeded to apply… well after restarting… I can’t connect to the printer.

I get a 502 Bad Gateway Error…

I see Rpi on the Lan network, I can even connect to it with SSH… but if I try to connect to the printer I get that message… I guess it was because of the update.

Is there any way from the Rpi console to undo the changes?
Does anyone know what it can be?

Thank you

Install kiauh, and allow that to uninstall and reinstall moonraker. Probably the easiest way.

I am trying another thing.

I have backup all cfg files…

And I am reinstalling Fluidd Os with image + Balena… As originales install o do…

After the idea, its restore backups of cfg…

If this works, the dude it’s I have try to update Moonraker

@Peurif did you manage to resolve this issue?


I have reinstalled klipper,+Fluidd, older version… And restored back up of cfg files…

Now I don’t know what to do:

1- Update to last versions

2- wait until the can confirm that new versions works OK…

By luck the looses was minimun, some gcodes… Its the time to wipe all.

Someones more than have reported this kind of issue?