Inconsistent Z-Layers

Hello everyone,
I started experimenting with Klipper and modified my printer to run it. The board is an older megatronics V3 board. Compared to my old setup I see great improvements due to the resonance compensation feature.
However when printing real parts I have weird behavior that along the Z-Axis I see inconsistencies with periodically underextruded Layers:

It appears that the inconsistencies are changing with the area of the currently printed layers. For testing purposes I switched back to my old firmware (marlin) and printed the same gcode without these issues.
My klipper setup is very basic, the only feature I use is the resonance compensation, other than that I have disabled all other featuers like Bed leveling or pressure advance.

Does anybody have any ideas what I could try next?

Thanks in advance

Hello @voltz !

I had a similar problem with a printer. A PID (auto)tune for the bed did the trick.

This periodic issues usually point to mechanical problem with the Z-Axis, e.g. too high Z-Speed / Acceleration or mechanical issues.

thanks for you input guys, I will provide you feedback once I did further testing

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