i have multiple klipper screens and i am trying to make the touch work and some is not even showing the klipperscreen anymore … the main issue is that the touch does not work and the FKMS option is not there anymore … if i add the fkms or change it in the boot config the screen will become white. ive also tried changing the fb0 to fb1 and its either putting the screen white or black but does not solve the issue … to me this looks like a bug with some updates that was made but i cant find it and cant go down versions since i dont know how. ive spent over a week banging my head and trying to find the issue and nobody replies and the info in READ THE DOCS is just saying well if touch is not working put FB0 to FB1 …
please help im going crazy here lol

Your KlipperScreen.log from Klipper SCREEN not Working ... touch Also on others [BUG] · Issue #948 · jordanruthe/KlipperScreen · GitHub shows the error 2023-04-10 18:25:33,529 [KlippyRest.py:send_request()] - 404 Client Error>>Not Found for url>> in line 34.
This might help Bei Klipperscreen funktioniert die Touchfunktion nicht - Seite 2 - Klipper - 3D-Druck Forum, sorry it’s in German.
The last post suggests to manually edit /boot/config.txt and make a change. I would give it a try.

Good luck, hcet14