Klipperscreen on the screen without touch screen

Hello. I installed a klipperscreen on my tv box and connected a normal screen without a touchscreen to it via hdmi, but unfortunately I can not control the screen because the mouse does not work. Please tell me how to make the mouse work?

Add this to klipperscreen.conf

Allows the cursor to be displayed on the screen

show_cursor: True

I had my tablet fall off and crack the screen, screen works but the touch function is broken. So I had to attach a wireless mouse to it via usb. But in order for klipper screen to show the mouse, that needed added above. if your using xsdl you can adjust cursor size there too. hope that helps :wink:

Thanks a lot! You helped me a lot.

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hi i have the same problem.
unfortunately the solution doesn’t work, it gives me a show_cursor string error.
could you explain to me how to insert the modification and in which point.
thanks sorry i’m using google translate

and I write from Italy

Maybe this will help: KlipperScreen/Configuration.md at master · jordanruthe/KlipperScreen · GitHub