Very Small cursor on 7" Kindle Fire HD

I have Mainsail/Klipper running on a PI B+ and I am using an old 7" KindleFire HD for KlipperScreen.
Once I realized that it was possible to get the Kindle in ADB mode, installation went without drama.
At first I did not think that the touch screen was working. Then I realized that is was working but the cursor was invisible and I was pointing randomly. I set cursor visibility to True and I am now able to make selections. There is one issue, however.
The cursor is very small, as small as a lower case letter. On a crowded screen it is very difficult to spot.

Is is possible to (1) make the cursor larger or (2) make the spot on the screen that I touch the selection eliminating the need to move a cursor around?



I finally found the menu to alter the mouse behavior to Tablet (Touch), It was accessed by a gray bar that briefly flashes at the top of the screen. I would still be interesting to know if the cursor could be made larger for the circumstances where that would be helpful.