Klipperscreen showing Invalid config file after update

Since i updated my klipper the klipper screen is showing

Option “moonracker_host” not recognized for section “[main]”
Option “moonracker_port” not recognized for section “[main’]”

I want to provide the kliperscreen.log but I do not know how… please help a newbie

I think host and port go under the printer definition not under the main section… here is a copy of mine
moonraker (2).conf (574 Bytes)

So I’ve got the same problem already since 3 months now, but this was only shown on my touchscreen.

Do the following steps:

  • log into your machine using the web interface (mainsail, fluid, …)
  • go to the machine section where you can find all the config files
  • open the KlipperScreen.conf
  • first line will be [main] right below it there will be two lines moonraker_host and moonraker_port
  • delete those lines and save with rebooting.


Enjoy your now loading KlipperScreen on your touchscreen.
Hope this will do it.

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Wow! That’s fantastic Sneaky Jon :heartbeat: