Lost communication with MCU!

printer (1).cfg (34.2 KB)
klippy (10).zip (2.3 MB)

Basic Information:

MCU / Printerboard:C8 Integrated motherboard

Forgive me for using translation. I encountered errors such as Timer too close. Replace and reinstall the klipper and firmware. Replaced the power supply, thermistor, and checked the wiring and firmware, but still reported an error. I cannot find such a problem.Sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 6 hours, errors occur during printing

The canbus bus speed is 1000000, and the tool board is sht36 v2. I have reduced it to 500000 and changed the system and canboot firmware speed, but it still cannot solve the problem. Now the motherboard needs to be sent back

My motherboard has been sent back for testing, and customer service said it can run for a long time. I have a premonition that there is an abnormality in TMC2209. This needs to be sent over for some time for verification