Mainsail can't connect to Moonraker

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Sapphire Pro
MCU / Printerboard: Robin nano, Orange Pi zero 2 for Klipper

Good Day to you,
today I shut down my printer normally via the command in mainsail. After that I waited as usual 10s + before pressing the hardware switch. After an hour or so, I switched it on again but Mainsail could’t connect to moonraker. Checking the status via putty revealed the following:

And trying to reinstall Moonraker results in this:

Last time I had this issue I restarted my system and then connection was gone for good, so I had to reinstall everything.

Any idea what’s wrong? Is it the SD-card?

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A “read-only file system” error is usually indicative for a SD card issue

Last time Mainsail couldn’t connect to moonraker I had to flash the SD card and reinstall everything. The question is what is causing this issue. The SD card is new (Kingston). Maybe it’s an issue with the hardware switch e.g. contact chatter?
Any suggestions for finding the issue or resolving this?

So I have to reinstall everything again or is there a way around?

Hard to tell. Can happen when you do not shutdown cleanly, i.e. before all operations on the SD cards are finalized.
If only the file system is damaged or the SD card is damaged is also quite hard to tell from remote.
Put it into a different Linux box (or Windows WSL) and have some file system checks run over it. Maybe you can get it recovered.

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I always shut it down via Mainsail and wait 10s for condensators to unload. After that I switch the printer off.
I’ll try a differen card and see what happens. Thx so far.

10s is quite optimistic for a clean Linux shutdown (and this process has absolutely nothing to do with any capacitors)

How long should I wait then?

This depends on the SBC, speed of the SD card, time taken to shut down various services etc but usually significantly longer. Attach your SBC to a screen, then you can watch the shutdown process.

The shutdown process in Linux is the comparable to what Windows does when shutting down, so :person_shrugging:

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