MCU shutdown system overload?

Basic Information:

Printer Model: CR10 and Ender 3 (3.5 MB)

MCU / Printerboard: Both BTT Pico

Hi all

I’ve had a recurring issue with MCU shutdowns, (i feel everyone goes through it)

this seems to have gotten worse as I’ve started running 2 printers and I’ve had a theory, I’m no coder so hoping for some input/validation here

I’m running Klipper from an old Microsoft surface I had lying around, it only has one USB port, I’ve got an adaptor to allow me to run 2 printers and a webcam from the single port.

yesterday both printers shut down simultaneously about 4 hours into a print. from what i can understand from the Klipper logs the bytes went really high and retransmitted goes up, so momentary loss of communication and then backlog trying to reconnect and transfer the data to the MCU?

so my theory is my usb adaptor may be bottlenecking the data transfer? im looking at maybe a faster adaptor or upgrading to a thin client pc

i have researched this and graphed my klippy logs, it seems system load goes skyhigh and overloads. sorry i just dont have the depth of computor knowledge

any input appreciated!

klippy logs attached, pictured graph

Screenshot 2023-09-17 152050

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