MKSPI Elegoo Neptune 4 PRO ERROR:commandwrapper instance has no attribute 'get_command_tag'

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Elegoo Neptune 4 PRo
MCU / Printerboard: MKSPI

I have the EN4PRO and I tried to install mainsail-webcam (i did everything as described on mainsails website) the I pasted the lines of code in the moonraker.conf (as the mainsail website sais)
then there is a new section under klipper where it sais update. I did the Klipper and Moonraker update and after that all files were mixed up. I didnt see the usb stick on the printer display and no config files were showing. Now I did the elegoo Firmware update and klipper doesnt start anymore and the website of my printer just shows this error:

Klipper reports internal error during connect: commandwrapper instance has no attribute ‘get_command_tag’

I also sherd this on reddit (not that detailed) and wrote to elegoo. Redit told me to dump mkspi and elego now has told me 3 times to update the firmware, but I have already updated it.

the files: (59.6 KB)

and my redit post:

Id be glad if someone could help me cause I really dont know what to do.
(its my second printer, first was elegoo neptune 3 Pro, but my first printer with klipper)

See CommandWrapper instance has no attribute 'get_command_tag'

Where did you get this Klipper version from?

The Klipper was originally pre installed by Elegoo and I got the mainsail from and I the was trying to install mainsail Timelapse which I got from the following link ( I exactly followed the steps on their page)

Did you update Klipper from within Mainsail?

In general:

  • Elegoo seems to be shipping a modified Klipper version
  • I did not find any released sources for these modifications → Elegoo is in violation of the GPL
  • Any issues this is causing should be reported to them along with the strong request to release the sources
  • You can try to return to a pristine Klipper. If this will fully work I cannot tell, since I do not know what modifications with which purpose have been done
  • Mixing different modifications like @chris.meg has done, is most likely a sure way to an unstable experience that will be impossible to debug

With this approach, Elegoo has made you likely fully depending on their willingness / ability to keep Klipper updated / fixed. Support from the official Klipper project cannot be offered, since this essentially is no longer the Klipper we are supporting here.

From memory my issue came about by installing Crownest for similar reasons. My solution is far from ideal, but the way I saw it the worst-case scenario was that I press Elegoo for a replacement.
I completely understand where Sineos is coming from in rightly pointing out the potential issues the solution may have caused. Fortunately, at this stage it hasn’t caused any issues, and the printer is running as normal.
When there is more documentation released from Elegoo I will most likely look to install a clean version of Klipper. At this stage though they haven’t been overly helpful with supporting the Klipper side of things.

did you get this fixed? im having the same issue. was trying to set web cam up through fluidd and noticed files needed updating
… so i went ahead and updated hoping that would help but now my Elegoo neptune 4 pro wont work.

Sorry I forgot to say. I contacted the Elegoo support and since they have used unofficial Klipper files the updates destroyed a lot. They sent me a new emmc(the main storage where everything valuable is stored on) and now it’s working again.
Ps: The support wasn’t very good till I told them that until now they haven’t helped me and then suddenly the support was better)


Maybe I will also have to go down this route, I was in the same boat trying to install a webcam to keep an eye on prints and noticed that some files needed updating …. Thought what harm can it do …. Now sat with a bricked printer …. I literally have no idea how all this GitHub, fluid, mainsail, klipper stuff works just wanted to make a few prints for friends family and mainly grandson…. Any pointers to receive new Mcu - was it …. Or do I have to just keep emailing then and hounding them? Glad you’re getting yours sorted anyway.

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