Move out of range error

Hi, I use the latest Octoprint and the latest Klipper.
I set “print bed width = 186 mm” in the Octoprint printer profile.
Then did homing XY and Z. Clicked 100mm button in Octoprint and then clicked Right button.

The print head moved 100mm to the right. Then clicked again and Klipper failed, showed error and disconnected from the host.

To fix this, I had to click Connect in Octoprint, click Klipper tab, click restart firmware, wait till it logs “ready”, home XY and Z again.
After that I was able to continue again.

How can I set Klipper or Octoprint to be more resistant to this?

For example, I expect the printer will not go to 100mm+100mm=200mm which is out of range, but to 100mm+86mm and it will stop there, maybe log some error, but most importantly it won’t disconnect, so I won’t have to do the connecting, restarting and homing again. Because it drives me crazy.

I would like to continue from this maximum position where the printer would stop.
The same when I’m in position 0 and I manually move to the left below the minimum. I would just like nothing to happen, at most an error would be logged.
I don’t want to count how many millimeters are missing from the end of the axis or the beginning. I control the printer via the Octoprint panel manually on a PC or mobile phone.

What I want to achieve:

If the movement is greater than maximum, go to the maximum.
If the movement is less than minimum, go to the minimum.
In all axes.

Can I set this behavior in Klipper or Octoprint?

See Move out of range: X Y Z [E] and Installation - Klipper documentation

No and not needed. Get your settings correct (one time action) and you will have no issue.

How can I fix my settings please? I looked at the pages but there’s nothing that could help.

My x-axis is 186mm long and I click twice the right button in Octoprint and the Klipper disconnects.


Klipper isn’t disconnecting, Octoprint is doing this.

Klipper install instructions contain the note below that solves the disconnecting issue.

In the Settings tab, navigate to the “Behavior” sub-tab and select the “Cancel any ongoing prints but stay connected to the printer” option. Click “Save”.

It is located under Serial ConnectionBehavior.
And that fixes the disconnect, thanks @jakep_82.

However, the head doesn’t move to the end of the axis, it just logs the error.

I click the right button. The head goes to 100mm.
I click the right button. The error pops up in Octoprint and the head stays at 100mm.

To get to the end of the axis I have to change the range of motion to 10mm and then click 8 times the right button. Then to 1mm and click 6 times.

I think this is a problem with the Octoprint interface.
Have you already solved that somehow?

I haven’t used Octoprint in several years, and I never move my print head around manually, so I can’t offer any help.

Are the settings in OctoPrint’s printer profile according to the settings in Klipper?

And yes, the klippy.log would be of great help here too.

I don’t have any problem with the configuration anymore. Just don’t know how to go to the end of the axis without clicking +100, +10 and +1 buttons 15 times:

  1. +100
  2. +10
  3. +10
  4. +10
  5. +10
  6. +10
  7. +10
  8. +10
  9. +10
  10. +1
  11. +1
  12. +1
  13. +1
  14. +1
  15. +1

The result: I went from 0mm to 186mm.

Btw.: I installed Mainsail. This looks amazing.
It has similar control panel so I tested moving from 0 to 186mm there as well. It behaves the same as in Octoprint.

  1. I home X axis
  2. click +100 to move to position 100mm
  3. click +100 and it logs error: Move out of range

So I can’t get to the end of the axis with two clicks. I need to click 15x as mentioned above which is really annoying.

Mainsail can add another button to the Toolhead panel. I added 186mm and with one click I can move from 0 to 186mm = to end of the axis :+1: